Wednesday, June 26, 2019

How to Level Up Your Bad Guys

Everybody loves main characters who grow into heroes. Over the length of a series, tested in fire and steel, they overcome their weaknesses, become even stronger and more capable, and become more than they are. Indeed, character growth is the foundation of shounen manga -- readers want to see the hero grow from a zero to a hero.
But what about the bad guys?
Everybody loves action scenes. But the heart of an action scene is uncertainty. There is always the possibility that the hero may not win, that the girl will be lost, that the bad guys win. With uncertainty comes tension and drama, with the hero struggling against the odds, making the final victory all the sweeter.
But when the hero is too powerful for his adversaries to handle, boredom sets in.

Monday, June 24, 2019

The Golden Mile Part 8


The Babylon Night

There was just one last thing left to do.
Connor, Karim, Fox and Wood pulled security in the hallway. Tan, Ngo and Yamamoto rushed into the server room. Tan retraced his steps through the aisles and made his way back to the terminal server.
Many servers were melted and destroyed, but the laptop lying on the floor was still intact. He glanced at screen.
And grinned.

DUNGEON SAMURAI VOL. 2: KAMI NO KISHI now available for preorder!

Volume 2 of the pulse-pounding DUNGEON SAMURAI series is now available for preorder in Amazon! Featuring more samurai action, more ferocious monsters and more DOKI-DOKI, Vol. 2 is the most authentic dungeon crawler isekai story yet. To find out more about Vol. 2, check out the blurb below.
Six months after being spirited away to a land filled with deadly monsters, Yamada Yuuki and Hiroshi Matsuo are about to face their toughest challenge yet. They and their fellow samurai must dive deeper into the world-spanning dungeon, going where no man has gone before, in a quest to confront the demon who brought them to its realm.
But as the samurai grow in skill and power, so too do the monsters. Legions of bloodthirsty beasts stalk the shadow-filled halls of the labyrinth, far more dangerous than those on the upper floors. Strange spells echo in the corridors, visiting death and madness to the unwary and the unfortunate. An ocean of agony and suffering lies between the humans and the bottom floor.
To stand fast against the coming onslaught, it is no longer enough for Yamada and Hiroshi to serve as samurai. They must don the mantle of the Kami no Kishi: the Knights of God.
Kickstarter backer Xayvier posted this glowing review:
The way that Kit Sun actually shows the humans constantly adapting their tactics and equipment to newer threats and situations is refreshing compared to some stories that I have read where things remain somewhat stagnant. Not only that, but he also continues to show the 'behind-the-scenes' parts of military endeavours such as the miners, the farmers, the blacksmiths, etc, that fuel the war-machine, as it were, without getting bogged down in minutiae. Every little glimpse of this background detail is woven in to the story seamlessly, and you barely notice it happen without looking for it. Our heroes also constantly adapt too, growing as individuals, and as a group.
If the story had remained like the original entry, I would have been fine with it, but Kit Sun manages to not only take the original entry's strengths and maintain them, he manages to amp things up without them being overwhelming.
Overall, this is a great sequel to the original entry, and manages to not only match it's predecessor, but surpass it in every way. Definitely worth reading!
If you dare the depths of the dungeon, buy Dungeon Samurai Vol. 2: Kami no Kishi here!
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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Going Native review roundup

The reviews are in and Going Native & other stories is a hit! I am very proud of my book and am grateful that I was given the opportunity to share it with the world. Going Native received some incredible reviews, so without further ado, let’s see what the critics have to say!

JD Cowan writes: “This collection features six stories, all of which are remarkably strong pieces and very different from each other. The only similarities are that they are all weird tales, proving that genre really is more than aesthetic and has its own voice. If you are in a mood to read new pulp stories with the beating heart of the old tales then this collection is for you.”

Jon Mollison writes: “If you want to read some of the most unusual and creative short fiction out there today, give Going Native a shot.  It will introduce you to the sort of energetic experimentation that can only be found well outside the usual publishing houses that dominate the industry today.  And keep the name J. Manfred Weichsel in mind – he’s an author that shows a lot of promise in this short volume, and you’re sure to be seeing a lot more of that name in the years to come.”

Nathan Housley writes: “All in all, an excellent set of stories, with a heavy suspicion of those who would claim to be our betters, a heavy pulp vibe, and a place at the Great Conversation of the West.”

Read the rest of Nathan’s review here:

Keith West writes: “Weichsel is a writer who is not afraid to push boundaries or take chances.  On the whole, he’s successful.  There’s a fair bit of sex and violence here, so his work won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.  But if you want something different than the usual paint by numbers science fiction and fantasy from a writer who will surprise you, give Going Native a try.”

Misha Burnett writes: “Weichsel is unapologetically Pulp Revival, and his work shows that refusal to be bound to the conventions of any one genre–he’ll use whatever tools he needs to get the job done.”

I also sat down for an interview with Superversive Press, where I talk about the stories in Going Native and go into some of my thinking on various topics such as the current state of publishing, the meaning of superversive, and social satire.

So what are you waiting for? Buy Going Native & other stories now if you haven’t already, and see for yourself what all the critics are talking about!

The Golden Mile Part 7


The Void

Vast emptiness.
The ritual hall was empty. An expanse of empty space, large enough to cram a small army, stretching from the doors to the end of the hall. There was no incense, no ceremonial props, no altars, just… nothing.
Nothing sacred.
At the far side of the hall, there was a flat half-disc of infinite darkness. A gateway to an abyssal, unending void. But it wasn’t empty. It was full.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

The Golden Mile Part 6


Cosmic Horror

“OPEN FIRE!” Yamamoto yelled.
Shaking off their hesitation, the team laid down a storm of steel, tearing into the creature. Tan raised his carbine to his shoulder, switched to full auto and held down the trigger, walking rounds up and across the closest abomination. At this range he couldn’t possibly miss.
Rounds tore into the creature, digging out divots of oily matter and geysers of pale fluid.
He smiled.
Whatever it was, it could bleed.
It could die.

Friday, June 21, 2019

The Golden Mile Part 5


The Charnel House

Tan wasn’t going to march into the belly of the beast. Not with just a handgun.
But he didn’t have to.
Inside the trunk of the gravcar were two duffel bags. Go-bags, laden with mission-essential gear, one belonging to Yamamoto, the other to Tan. Tan took his, found an empty patch of ground, and unzipped it.
Ballistic helmet, reinforced with rifle-grade applique plates, and fitted with fusion goggles. Plate carrier, stocked with magazines, tools, front and side and rear trauma plates. War belt, weighed down with pistol, more mags, more kit. M83A1 carbine in an ultra-compact configuration, red dot sight paired with super-short barrel and suppressor. And as much spare ammo, batteries, food and bottled water he could shove inside the bag.
Every STS operator kept a go-bag near his person at all times for emergency rapid deployment, capable of keeping him supplied for 72 hours of high-intensity operations. The last thing the Black Watch did before leaving HQ was to take their go-bags with them. Bringing them out on an unsanctioned operation like this was illegal.
But if only they got caught.