Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Black Watch Part 11

The Elect

“You seem well,” Yamamoto said mildly.
The cyborg nodded. “Yes. I replenished my stock of nanopaste and grafted a fresh arm to replace the damaged one. I am now at a hundred percent operational efficiency.”
“And you brought friends,” Yamamoto added.
“Of course. Someone launched a campaign of murder and terror against the Network. Such an insult cannot go unavenged.”
“Don’t worry. The Husks are all dead. Justice has been served.”

The Black Watch Part 10


The werewolf beheld the operator.
Yamamoto was a man. A weak, fragile, puny man, barely worthy of his teeth and claws. And yet…
And yet, he stood unflinchingly before him, cold green eyes clear yet inscrutable, short sword held loose but at the ready, his muscles ready to explode into a symphony of motion. Something within the werewolf stirred, something that spoke of a lone warrior in crimson armor standing his ground on a blood-soaked battlefield, naked sword in hand, heart as clear as still water. In Yamamoto he saw a knight of a long-dead kingdom, a samurai who marched for a tattered banner, an operator wielding his blade for virtues and ideas long faded but never forgotten.
Here was a man who had long ago embraced the inevitability of death, yet would live every moment in total dedication to his mission.
The wolf stood down.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Black Watch Part 9

Wake the Blood

The team split up. Wood, Fox, Tan and the bot went one way, Yamamoto, Connor and Karim went the other. This time, Yamamoto allowed Karim to take the lead.
“Don’t lead us right in front of the Husk, rookie,” Connor said.
Karim stalked up the escalator to the second floor and beheld th aftermath of chaos with his mortal eyes. Blood streaked thickly across the floor, pointing to drying reddish-brown puddles. Boxes and goods and instruments lay scattered across the aisles, stomped flat and covered with gore. A baby wailed somewhere in the distance. A red blob appeared on his augmented reality smartglasses.
The turtle, hunting for prey.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Black Watch Part 8

One Target, One Team

The Sentinel’s wings were clipped, but she could still drive.
Karim worked the pedals with two leaden feet, breaking every traffic law and taking every turn at dangerous speeds. Dozens of voices chattered over the radio, dribbling out information piecemeal. Yamamoto sat in the shotgun seat, silently processing it all.
“The unis have cornered the turtle inside the hypermarket,” Yamamoto said. “They chased him into the building, and when he tried to escape out the back, another car cut him off. The cops fired at him and drove him back inside. He’s somewhere in the building, but no one knows exactly where.”
“This doesn’t make sense,” Wood said. “He’s armored like a tank. He could bust through the cordon easily.”
“Maybe he’s scared of getting shot,” Fox said.
“Or maybe he’s setting up an ambush,” Tan added.
“Regardless of what he’s doing, it’s on us to flush him out,” Yamamoto said.

The Black Watch Part 7


As the regular cops secured and cleared the Shard, the Black Watch muscled their vehicle back upright.
There was no art to it, no special tricks, just sheer brute force amplified by their exoframes. All six of them pressed their hands against the roof and cab of the truck and, on Yamamoto’s command, heaved as hard as they could.
Three tries later, the truck turned over and landed hard on its road wheels.
“Good work, everyone,” Yamamoto said. “Take five and check your kit. I need to update BPD Dispatch.”

Sunday, July 29, 2018

The Black Watch Part 6

The Shard

Karim flew. Yamamoto manned the radio. In the rear, the rest of the team reorganized and readied their kit. Karim dedicated half his brain to controlling the Sentinel, the other half monitoring the radio.
“Control to all callsigns, be advised, two active killers reported at Singularity Network, Shard One. Witnesses report two suspects inside the building and at least ten casualties. The suspects are Husks, say again, Husks. TAC is en route. All units respond Code Three.”
“Control, this is Black Watch,” Yamamoto replied. “We’re taking the call. TAC, pull back and support us.”
“Roger that, Black Watch. Good hunting.”

Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Black Watch Part 5

The Lotus Palace

The Sentinel howled through the storm-drenched night, its sirens blending with the background choir of a hundred scattered alarms. Karim hit the gas, pushing the armored gravtruck as fast as he dared, climbing higher and higher into the night.
Next to him, Yamamoto worked the radio, firing a series of orders.
“All BPD call signs, this is Black Watch, PSB STS. We’re taking the call at the Lotus Palace.”
“Black Watch, BPD Control. Roger that. Be advised, TAC is en route. Do you need backup?”
‘TAC’ was the call sign of BPD SWAT.
“Negative,” Yamamoto replied. “Pull back and cordon the scene. We’re coming in hot.”
“No can do, Black Watch. First responders have made entry.”