Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Golem of PulpRev

Our minds are interpretive systems. Everything we experience, we storify. Stories are how we interpret the world. We live inside a story. You want to break out of the Matrix? You are the Matrix! While you can’t escape the Matrix, you can change your story. Pretty cool, huh? Well it gets even better.

Myths, legends, folk tales are windows into the mind of your ancestors. These stories are a fictionalized narrative of the the spirit of the age. Joining a literary movement (like PulpRev), investing it with your mental concentration lays another feather on the scale of human consciousness. You can’t change the narrative of today alone, but we can together. The stories you share, either in the act of writing them or simply by gifting them, weighs the scales of human consciousness.

This is the golem, PulpRev, we are sculpting out of clay.

Share. Fund. Grow. These are the magic incantations to waken our PulpRev golem. Stories can also be created in shorthand. That’s where memes come into play. Memes are highly shareable, incredibly infectious. Share a meme with your world through wearing a T-shirt. I offer to make you your perfect meme shirt. Here’s an example:

“If you find me unconcious

Don’t PANIC. I’m having a 

BLAST on Mars”

(an image of John Carter crowdsurfing Tharks with his cutlass)

Comment here and share your best PulpRev memes. I won’t promise to make every meme, but I do promise to use every penny of profit for the PulpRev movement. That’s the next incantation, fund. The profits are committed to funding PulpRev. If we are going to run short story contests here at, we will need prizes. These contests will grow the PulpRev body of work, which can then be shared with the greater reading marketplace. The cycle continues and snowballs, set in action by a few decisive actions. The scales of the narrative flutter with each dropping feather.

We aren't taking donations (currently), but you can get a great use of your money by buying a T-shirt or a book and grow the movement at the same time. If you're dry on memes, here is where the merchandise will be available. I'll be taking suggestions until July 21st 2017. I'll put up some more simple ones over the next couple of weeks and will stay transparent along the way.


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  2. Great Article. Love the t-shirt idea.