Monday, August 7, 2017

Welcome to the Party, Pal: Artists and Audio Edition

So, expanding this party scene we've got going on is going to become necessary as we get more and more successful. By that, I mean finding our counterparts that work in other media. Eventually we're going to want to look into the world if film and television, but for now it's wiser to look at two areas we're already dealing with as it is: artists and audio production people. We deal with artists for book covers and promotional posters; we deal with audio folks for podcasts, audiobooks, and radio plays. That's why I say that we are best off looking there first to find our common-cause kin: we're already there.

What are we looking for? What we already seek ourselves:

  • A dedication to quality storytelling first and foremost
  • An embrace of the spirit of the old Pulps and a desire to bring it anew to the world.
  • A rejection, utterly, of the nihilism and despair that brought us where we are now.
  • A recognition that good storytelling stems from timeless truths about Man and Creation told well.

(Daddy Warpig did a nice rant on it here)

That leaves a lot of room, and that's intentional. We're able to tell tragic stories of people undone by their flaws, just as Shakespeare did, and still thrill and delight audiences without lying to them about life and how the world works. We're able to tell stories of all sorts of heroes and villains, at every scope and scale imaginable, as fantastic or mundane as can be, without feeding them mind-poisons of unreality. John Carter may be our common place or origin, but where we go from there varies widely and wildly. Yet we seek to entertain our audiences, and we refuse to lie to them. This is what sets us apart. As it is did for our predecessors.

So, if you know of like-minded artists and audio people or crews, you know what to do: scroll down, get into the Comments, give us their names and link to their site (whatever it is). Let's give these people our money, and our business, as best we can. Let's get them to come over, and we can talk about how we can all work together to Make Entertainment Great Again!

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  1. I just want to get my name on here; I'm an illustrator and plan to do comics. I'm all for the PulpRev, 100 percent!