Friday, September 15, 2017

PulpRev Newsletter - It's Happening!

We're going to do this manually, no autoresponders, no code, just humans sharing information and helping everyone make real connections. Maybe at some point in the future necessity will change the process, but for now, the PulpRev newsletter will have a human touch at every point of contact. So if you want to be in on this, send an e-mail to scoop[-at-]pulprev[-dot-]com. Your email can say anything from "Hands up and give me your newsletters!" to "yo". Just put "newsletter" in the title so we know that's the reason you are reaching out. The newsletter will offer information and links to the newest releases from PulpRev authors, calls for submissions, and complimentary book offerings. Your email address will not be sold or shared with any outside parties.

If you are a PulpRev author or publisher and want to be included in upcoming newsletters, I recommend joining the PulpRev discord and posting your news in the #release_announcements channel. Being a part of the discord is not a requirement to be in the newsletter, it just helps us know what's happening.

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