Monday, September 4, 2017

The Dragons Ascendant!

DragonCon just concluded as of this post. Folks are checking out of their hotels and making their way home, even as I write this, and that means that the Dragon Awards for 2017 are now concluded and the awards handed out.

Go on, take a moment to go over there and look over that list. I bet that you recognize more than a few of the winning authors, and, well, I'll let Brian Niemeier fill you in on the rest here. You may like them, or not, but each of them does their best to please their audience and satisfied that firm demands for fantastic fiction filled with action, romance, thrills, chills, and all that good stuff that makes fiction fun to read.

This is a great morale booster for both we at PulpRev and our friends at SuperversiveSF, and a sound rejection of the killjoys that want to reduce everything to their wretched Pink Slime "fiction". Hell, even our gamer pals got a boost with Breath of the Wild winning its category.

See what I mean about keeping the spirits up? This is the payoff; when you and your guys look like you're having fun, then others will want to see what all the fun is about and--very often--want to join in on the shenanigans. People want to be with other people having fun! We're having a ball of a time here, even when we're at home doing the solitary stuff that's necessary to keep this party going.

Sure, there's work to be done- lots of it. But that work can be a joyful thing, a fun time in its own right, and that's how we're going to bring back what should never have gone away: by making the scene too much fun to ever want to turn away from it ever again.

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