Friday, June 28, 2019


Six months after being spirited away to a land filled with deadly monsters, Yamada Yuuki and Hiroshi Matsuo are about to face their toughest challenge yet. They and their fellow samurai must dive deeper into the world-spanning dungeon, going where no man has gone before, in a quest to confront the demon who brought them to its realm.
But as the samurai grow in skill and power, so too do the monsters. Legions of bloodthirsty beasts stalk the shadow-filled halls of the labyrinth, far more dangerous than those on the upper floors. Strange spells echo in the corridors, visiting death and madness to the unwary and the unfortunate. An ocean of agony and suffering lies between the humans and the bottom floor.
To stand fast against the coming onslaught, it is no longer enough for Yamada and Hiroshi to serve as samurai. They must don the mantle of the Kami no Kishi: the Knights of God. 
The second novel of the Dungeon Samurai trilogy, KAMI NO KISHI, is live exclusively on Amazon! Backed by an incredible group of supporters, KAMI NO KISHI builds on the previous novel, KAMIKAZE, bringing more desperate battles in the dark, more bloodthirsty monsters armed with more powerful skills, and more romance!
DUNGEON SAMURAI is the most authentic isekai dungeon crawler yet written, a grim campaign through a winding labyrinth where death awaits behind every corner. If you've missed the first installment, check it out here
Work on the final volume is underway, and is expected to be released in July. Sit tight and keep your eyes peeled for DUNGEON SAMURAI VOL. 3: SEISEN!

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