Monday, August 5, 2019

Why I Write

Much of modern entertainment is a garbage fire.
Many male characters are weak, wimpy and wishy-washy. They exist not as men in their own right, but simply to make the designed Strong Female Character look even more powerful when contrasted against their incompetence. Shounen protagonists inevitably run away screaming at the first signs of romance and emotional intimacy, those that aren't blank slates for the audience to project themselves into. In contemporary fiction, manhood is denigrated and virtue is disparaged.
Violence is inauthentic. The realities of violence are glossed over or just plain ignored where the pen meets the paper. Psychology, physiology and physics go out the window. Anatomy, biology and craft are unknown. Characters described as highly trained and highly experienced are anything but. There is no truth in the scene, only fantasies sprung from baseless illusions and the desire to push gender agendas. 
The specter of ideology haunts pop culture. It looms large over films and television, it has made inroads in fiction and comics, and it continues to expand. It infects everything it touches, and its proponents are eager to decry, denounce, dox and destroy everyone who opposes it. Progressive creators ram their politics down their readers' throats, transforming harmless diversions into vitriolic screeds; while publishers and distributors seek ever to deride or erase men, whites and Christians. 
Subversion is the order of the day. Religion is ridiculed at every turn -- especially the great majority faiths that have shaped the world. Every value of modern civilisation is targeted and undermined, replaced by empty amorality, howling nihilism and naked force. Everything beautiful must be corrupted, everything true must be mocked, everything sacred must be profaned.
This age is a degenerate age. This is the time of the Kali Yuga, where every vice is celebrated and every teaching insult. This is the great decline, when moral and spiritual corruption takes root, and people are no longer able to find salvation. The darkness of a long fall creeps ever close. 
But the darker the night, the brighter the light. 
The flame of civilization endures still. The wisdom of the ancients, time-tested and true, remain. The virtues that created society are the same values that will uplift it again. 
But the flame must be passed on. 
And so, this is why I write. 
I write strong, decisive, men who embody the archetype of the warrior monk. With the bright steel they stand between civilization and those who seek to destroy it; with unconquerable faith they stand fast against the temptations and the vices of the age. 
I write visceral action scenes that show the truth of combat, to reproduce on the page the its brutality, velocity, lethality -- and its bloody glory. 
I write character- and plot-driven stories, focusing on entertaining the reader first, for they are the reason I write.
I write stories with a strong undercurrent of pro-civilization values, where good triumphs and the evil get their just deserts, to pass on the flame. 
I write to manifest a vision of powerful and positive masculinity, to create beautiful prose that reflects hard truths, and to carry into the future the values that underpin civilization.
This approach dovetails neatly with the groups I'm involved in. PulpRev works are defined by powerful prose, dynamic characters, intense action, morality, and inspiration from old-time pulp stories. Superversive fiction builds up civilisation by upholding and celebrating the classic virtues. And on the corners of the Internet, men are gathering to spark a renaissance of masculine-oriented pulp-inspired fiction. 
The world is dark and has always been so. Social justice sinks its tentacles deeper into popular culture with every passing day. Degeneracy grows increasingly rampant. Yet in the darkness, a fire rises.
And I write to keep this flame alive. 

Superheroes and morality tales go together like peanut butter and jam. To see how I'm keeping the flame alive, check out my superhero novel HOLLOW CITY!
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