Thursday, April 9, 2020

Coronavirus Lockdown Sale!

Singapore has gone into lockdown.

The government calls it a 'circuit breaker'. With private and public gatherings banned, nonessential services shut down, eateries restricted to takeaways, it might as well be a lockdown.

My whole family has been affected by these shutdowns. Myself included. To keep the lights on, I'm pivoting towards my books and author services.

Enter the Coronavirus Lockdown Book Sale!

Former psychic spy James Morgan just wants a peaceful life in his old hometown. But when an encounter with yakuza turns deadly, he must find a new place for himself. In a world run by machines, is there a place for the soul?

ONCE A PSI is the free prequel of my upcoming cyberpunk espionage series SINGULARITY SUNRISE. Sign up for my newsletter here to receive the download link.

DUNGEON SAMURAI is my most successful self-published series yet.

Yamada Yuuki was once a college student. Until the fateful evening when he and his friends are transported to a death world. To make their home, they must make new allies and fight their way through endless monsters, treacherous traps, and a dungeon hell-bent on grinding body and soul into dust.

Volume 1 is priced at just USD $0.99 for the duration of the lockdown.

For one week only, Volumes 2 and 3 are also priced at USD $0.99.

Dungeon Samurai is the story of a shounen becoming a samurai through blood, steel and faith. If you love isekai stories, dungeon crawls and anti-LitRPGs, this is for you.

In Nova Babylonia, the New Gods rule with an iron fist. Only one group dares to challenge their reign: the elite law enforcers of the Special Tasks Section. Lethal and incorruptible, they form the thin blue line between humanity and Hell on Earth.

Within the STS, the most dangerous assignments go to Team Black Watch. Six battle-hardened operators who will do whatever it takes to protect the innocent.

These are their stories.

BABYLON BLUES is six shots of cyberpunk action horror. A relentless blend of tactical combat, high tech and terrible magic, it is a campaign to save humanity from archdemons disguised as gods.
You can get the paperback on Amazon. But if you want to enjoy a discount, buy it on my ebook store here and share the link to receive 30% off the price.

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If you're a writer seeking to step up your game, I can help.

As Singapore's first Hugo and Dragon Award finalist, I can take your craft to the next level. Through a book consultation, I will read through your manuscript and offer suggestions on how to make it authentic, immersive and exciting. If you need one-on-one coaching, I offer coaching calls and extensive coaching programs.

If you want to take your writing to the next step, check out my author services page here and contact me for a personal quote.

The lockdown brings both opportunities and challenges. If you're stuck at home, you'll need something to do to stay sane. But you'll also have plenty of time.

If you're a reader looking for new books, you can check out my books here.

If you're a writer looking for a mentor or a reader, my author services are available here.

These are tough times. But they won't last. As long as you're stuck at home, either banging away at the keyboard or inhaling books, let's make the most of it and get through it together.

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