Saturday, April 25, 2020


I'm astonished and grateful by the support I've received. This campaign is easily the best-performing crowdfunding campaign I've carried out. SINGULARITY SUNRISE is heading into full pre-production mode.

Going forward, let's talk stretch goals. SINGULARITY SUNRISE is complete. Most crowdfunding campaigns would offer additional stories and content, but the way the series is written, adding more stories would only bulk it out without additional content. I don't add flab to stories for its own sake. So we're going to do something different.

We'll fund the first book of my next series.

SAGA OF THE SWORDBREAKER is a cultivation series with a cyberpunk twist. It is a journey of a young man making his way as an armed escort in a high-tech fantasy world mired in a degenerate age.

In a world obsessed with wealth, power and immortality, Li Ming strives for peace and harmony within and around him, delivering justice at the point of his swordbreaker.

But before he becomes an escort, before he even receives his signature swordbreaker, Li Ming was first a soldier.

A sergeant in the Special Military Police, his mission was to defend the innocent from monsters and criminals too dangerous for the regular police to handle. He served with honor and distinction, employing his martial talents to the fullest.

One week before the end of his term of service, Li Ming is called up for one last mission.

A powerful secret society has seized control of an urban slum. The Special Military Police have been ordered to pacify the area and neutralize the criminal element. It is the most dangerous mission in his career, but Li Ming is up to the task.

Or so he thinks.

DAYS OF FIRE is the explosive prologue of a new cyberpunk cultivation series.  This stretch goal will be unlocked at $1800 -- a funding level of 150%. ALL backers will receive a digital copy ONE YEAR ahead of the market.

Yes, you read that right. DAYS OF FIRE was originally planned to be released in 2021, after SINGULARITY SUNRISE. This book hasn't been written yet. But if we hit the stretch goal, I will prioritise writing this story, and I will deliver it to backers ONE YEAR before its official publication.

If you love martial arts, explosive action, and a pulpy blend of technology and magic, DAYS OF FIRE is for you! Back SINGULARITY SUNRISE here and spread the word!

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