Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Singularity Sunrise 2: THE SILICON ROAD is live!

As West Africa recovers from economic collapse, Anatol Corporation sees new opportunities. Central to Anatol's plans is the Abidjan-Lagos Corridor, the silicon road that unites the region's megacities. It is virgin territory, promising rich rewards—and hidden dangers.

Anatol sends their trump card: Eden, the world's first sapient AI, embedded in their sales team. Escorting them is psychic contractor James Morgan and his team of elite bodyguards from Lithsman Security Solutions.When they arrive, the job goes sideways.

Hunted by criminals and mercenaries, Eden, Morgan and the Lithsmen are drawn into a shadowy world where megacorp intrigue and superpower ambitions collide. To survive, they must turn the tables against an invisible enemy in an unfamiliar land.

Powerful interests want Anatol out of Africa. But who? And why?

The truth lies at the end of the silicon road.

If they survive long enough to get there.


Singularity Sunrise 2: THE SILICON ROAD is now live on Amazon! I'm grateful to everyone who supported the series on IndieGoGo. With their help, Singularity Sunrise is my most successful series yet.

Blending high-intensity combat with cutting-edge tech and spirituality honed at the razor edge of life and death, Singularity Sunrise is the cyberpunk espionage thriller of the dark future.

Want to know the origins of this series? Click here for a FREE short story that details James Morgan's journey to become a Lithsman!

Thank you for your support, and please keep an eye out for Book 3: THE DIGITAL VEIL!

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