Friday, September 18, 2020

"The Long Moonlight", a Fantasy Noir by Razorfist, Now Available!

The Excellence of Elocution, the Rageaholic, known to all as "Razorfist", is well-known as being a pulp fan. Now he has joined us down here in the arena, and below is the trailer for his debut release. This is a fantasy novel, and those who know the man's affection for the Thief series of videogames will immediately catch the vibe on offer; this is as much noir as it is pulp. If you're into Fritz Leiber's Lanhkmar series, then you should check this out.

And the relevant links are below:

It's good to see the man that's done so much to spread the word of the pulps general, and specifically The Shadow, to audiences that--at best--only know of the '90s films based on them or the myriad of media that are the offspring of the pulps (superhero comics and mecha anime being two of them) has put pen to paper to produce one of his own. I'll snag a copy when I can and come back with my take on it down the road, but I'm boosting this now because he's doing that blend that's difficult to pull off without screwing it up and I'm hoping that he has.

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