Sunday, January 17, 2021

Pulp on Pulp is Available for Preorder!

Last year, Misha Burnett and I put together a call for submissions for an anthology of essays on pulp fiction. Titled Pulp on Pulp, it collects tips, tricks and advice on the art of writing pulp fiction from some of the up and coming names in the growing PulpRev movement.

Pulp on Pulp was meant to be a permafree book. However, Amazon won't let authors place a book on preorder for free. If you can wait for a few days, Pulp on Pulp will be free in the near future. But if you want it now, I'm pleased to announce that it is available for pre-order here!

Better yet, Pulp on Pulp is the #1 New Release in TWO categories: Authorship and Words and Language Reference!

Pulp on Pulp touches on a huge range of topics of interest to the pulp writer. These include the art of writing fight scenes, tricks for worldbuilding and plotting, how to write 5000 words a day, and more.

Contributors include JD Cowan, author of Pulp Mindset, Matthew P. Schmidt, author of the hit LitRPG breakout series The City and the Dungeon, and Morgon Newquist, Silver Empire editor and author of Heroes Fall.

For insight into the PulpRev aesthetic, advice on writing like a pulp master, and tips on adapting pulp-era techniques to modern-day markets, check out Pulp on Pulp on Amazon!

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