Thursday, March 25, 2021



The Singularity will not be civilized!

Two AIs struggle for supremacy.

Eden, the ghost in a decentralized global supercomputer network, sworn to empower and liberate its users. Zhi Zun, the electronic emperor of China, with the power of life and death over a billion subjects.

At stake is the future of humanity: a future of coexistence between man and machine, or a future of eternal slavery to cold algorithms.

To decide the fate of the world, James Morgan and his team of Lithsmen must penetrate China and drive a dagger into Zhi Zun’s heart. Standing in their way is the most powerful national security state in the history of humanity, backed by a machine superintelligence beyond human comprehension.

An impossible mission—for anyone other than the Lithsmen.

But when machine superintelligences go to war, is there still a place for the human soul?


THE SINGULARITY WAR is now available on Amazon!

This marks the final instalment of my cyberpunk espionage series SINGULARITY SUNRISE!

Thanks for your support. Coming up next on my schedule, we have:

  • Art and interior refresh of Books 1 - 4
  • Song of Karma 3: Rogue
  • Babylon Red
  • Saga of the Swordbreaker

2021 is going to be a jam-packed year. Stay tuned for my future works!

Start from the beginning of the saga! Read the FREE prequel ONCE A PSI here!

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