Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Pulp legend J. Manfred Weichsel announces his next book & last chance to get Expedition to Eden

Earlier this year when pulp legend J. Manfred Weichsel pulled his books from Kindle Unlimited, there was one book he didn't publish wide, Expedition to Eden. The reason for this was simple: he didn't think it was good enough.

Weichsel recently started to look Expedition to Eden over again to see if there was some way he could fix it, and his imagination began to run wild with possibilities that hadn't occurred to him when he first wrote the book. Weichsel is a much better writer now than he was in January of 2020 when he published Expedition to Eden, and is capable of writing bigger, crazier, more complex, and more meaningful stories than he was in those nascent days of his career as an author. 

The part of Expedition to Eden that jumped out at Weichsel was a small scene towards the end of the book involving the fallen angel Samyaza, who was the leader of the Watchers, an order of angels that rebelled against God in order to have sex with human women. Weichsel was inspired to read about Samyaza and the Watchers in the dead sea scrolls and other apocryphal texts, and the result will be a story about fallen angels that is just as well researched as the scientific elements are in his novels Ebu Gogo and Jungle Jitters

All that having been said, along with all the new stuff Weichsel is writing, most of the material in Expedition to Eden will also be included in this new novel, albeit in a highly altered form. As a result, Expedition to Eden is going out of print on October 1, and if you want to be able to track Weichsel's development as a writer and see what he does with the original material, this is your last chance to grab it. It is recommended that you buy the  PAPERBACK immediately, as a hard copy of an out-of-print J. Manfred Weichsel story is sure to become a collector's item, such as this out-of-print anthology Weichsel has a story in going on ebay for $100.00.

Weichsel hopes to release his new novel in November or December of 2021. 

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