Tuesday, July 26, 2022

LORD OF BEASTS is available for preorder!

When beasts swarm the Central Plains, the city-state of Yudu issues a call for aid. Martial cultivators from across Xiazhou descend on Yudu, chasing dreams of wealth and glory. Among them is Li Ming and his fellow biaohang from Dayong.

Shattered by recent losses, Dayong needs to rebuild their reputation, earn much-needed revenue and expand their influence. But when they arrive, what was supposed to be a straightforward beast hunt spirals out of control.

Old foes and new enemies crawl out of the woodwork. The beasts themselves are acting strangely. And from the shadows comes a plot to overturn the world of the rivers and lakes.

Surrounded by chaos and conspiracy, Li Ming and his allies must plunge into the fray and unmask those who seek to become the Lord of Beasts.


Book 2 of Saga of the Swordbreaker, LORD OF BEASTS, will be live on 7 August 2022. Preorder it now on Amazon!

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