Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Pulp Legend J. Manfred Weichsel talks about The Calydonian Boar Hunt


Pulp legend J. Manfred Weichsel recently sat down with the Blasters and Blades podcast to discuss his mythological adaptation The Calydonian Boar Hunt. If you are interested in learning more about Weichsel, his thoughts about his books, and his writing, give it a listen. You can find the podcast on YouTube or on your favorite podcast or streaming service

Surely some of you are thinking, "I already read Weichsel's books. Everybody does! What more do I need to know?" 

Well, it's important to be able to place what you read within some sort of context, and that's why Weichsel has been doing these interviews, to help his readers understand where he is coming from and what his attitudes are towards his work, in order to elevate people's understanding and appreciation of his books.

So definitely, give the podcast a listen! 

In other news, Weichsel's latest book Planet of the Wage Slaves just got a great new review from Benjamin Espen! Check the review out, and if you haven't yet, pick up the book today. It's a short read and only costs 99 cents.

And if you missed it, check out the blog interview Weichsel did last month with DMR Books where he discusses the influence of classical satire on his work. It's a super-interesting read. 

That's about it. Check out the podcast! And if you haven't already, pick up The Calydonian Boar Hunt and Planet of the Wage Slaves at your favorite bookstore! 

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