Friday, January 27, 2023

Why Writers Shouldn't Fear AI


Chat GPT and related AI writing tools are poised to take the writing world by storm. Today, GPT-3 can generate the plot for a novel, complete with character arcs and plot twists. Future iterations may create the plot for a novel based on a user's input, then use the plot it generated to create an entire novel from scratch. All the user has to do is to clean up the prose.

AIs allow content creators to generate vast amounts of content quickly and cheaply. Whale consumers love quick and cheap content. They want a never-ending stream of dopamine, and will throw their money at those who can feed their desires. Businesses with deep pockets are poised to take maximum advantage of AI. They have the resources to license AIs, pair them with a good-enough human for quality control, and churn out oceans of content for their target audience. Prose, music, videos, every creative field will soon be flooded by AI-generated content. I expect to see this within the next five to ten years.

What does this mean for the future?