Friday, June 30, 2017

Are you PulpRev?

A fierce warrior canters his stallion before the men and women of his clan on the field of battle. His hair blows in the wind as a divine discarnate crescendo builds.

“Sons and daughters of fantasy and science fiction, I am PulpRev.” He exudes stoicism and competency.

A clansmen counters, “PulpRev is a titan, at least 7 feet tall.”

“Aye, I’ve heard. PulpRev topples corporate leviathans like chaffs of wheat with a single arc of his mighty blade. I’ve heard that modern fantasy fans are driven raving mad with passion from locking sight with the blazing rays that emanate from the eyes of PulpRev. Modern science fiction fans are wracked with screams of glory at the mere sound of his approaching footsteps. Yet I assure you I AM PulpRev. And while the tales of my exploits may be exaggerated, those exaggerations shall stand as prophecy. Will you join me and become PulpRev? Will you forswear the tyranny of legacy publishers? Will you fight their vice grip on the publishing industry, which authorizes only a miserly, feeble sputtering trickle of FUN to pass through its gates?

“But how? What is it to be PulpRev?” asked another young member of the gathered crowd.

“To be PulpRev is a rebellious act! It means not relying on gatekeepers to tell you what is good. It is the quest to find FUN from any accessible fiction supplier. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Pulp Revival, which is the renewed interest in the pulp fiction of a bygone era? Perhaps you've heard of the Pulp Revolution, which is a contemporary movement to write works worthy of the pulp era. PulpRev is all of these things encompassed in one word. Your quest may lead you to the shining halls of the great library Project Gutenburg. You may find yourself opening portals to newly discovered worlds of contemporary authors. Or perhaps, you will pursue the holy grail of your own PulpRev creation!”

And if you still have no clue what all the fuss is about, here are some earlier attempts at illumination.

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