Thursday, August 3, 2017

PulpRev Sampler: Very Short Call For Very Short Story Submissions

Let me say at the outset that we are not the heart and brain of PulpRev. You Are. We are some cool people who bought the domain just in case someone unscrupulous would have bought it later on. PulpRev is an aesthetic, it is an approach, it is a unicorn that we can't claim to have captured.

That said, "we" (basically myself and the people who hang out on the discord) want to make a sampler, an anthology of the beauty and strangeness of PulpRev movement as it is now. To reduce the burden on reader and writer we want stories between 750 and 1,500 words. You can write that in an hour, though it would be easier on us if you spent an extra hour editing it. N. A. Roberts wants at least 16,000 words. I want at least 20 contributors. This call for submissions will close one week from now. That's August 10th, 2017, oh... 2:12 CDT.

We want stories with heart. We want stories with muscle. We want stories with heart and muscle in unexpected ways. We want stories that leave you demanding more.

Send submissions to

750-1,500 words
Complete story

Love you guys. I'm looking forward to this.

Note: If you linked here from somewhere they don't know what PulpRev is, here's some context.
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  1. Interesting, and quite a challenge.

  2. This post has now broken our record in view-count, and we are already receiving submissions. Thank you for the support!

  3. I just sent mine off. I got under 1500 words (1461).

  4. What are your intentions? Are you going to sell this anthology or distribute it freely? Are you paying contributors? Are you claiming rights on the stories?

  5. We are selling this anthology $0.99 via Amazon or providing it for free as a promotional item in association with PulpRev. We are asking for non-exclusive digital and print rights. No payment on this project other than a copy of the anthology.

  6. I made a very last minute submission. If it doesn't count, I understand. It was worth it just as a challenging writing exercise.

  7. Wondering when submissions can expect confirmation of receipt and what your timeline is for decisions?

  8. Has anyone received a confirmation email?