Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Publishing Announcement: INVINCIBLE by Kit Sun Cheah

invincible final.png

In an Empire beset by internal rebellion and ferocious yaomo, the elite Shenwujun stands ready to defend human civilization. Among the Shenwujun there is none finer than Ensign Zhang Tianyou, who earned the nickname Zhang the Invincible. During a mission to quash a nascent rebellion, a detachment Shenwujun discover evidence that the Grand Union is supporting the rebels. Zhang is tasked to investigate and destroy this new threat.

But will Zhang the Invincible meet his match at the hands of the rebel called Han the Demon Sword?


INVINCIBLE is a novella running to 16700 words, and won an Honorable Mention at the Q1 2017 Writers of the Future contest. I am pleased to announce that I will be publishing it on Steemit, my blog and in a serial format. The first installment will go live on 1st October. At the conclusion of the story, it will be compiled as an ebook for sale on Smashwords, Amazon and other leading distributors.

If you would like more long-form SFF fiction from my Hugo and Dragon Award nominated alter ego, please check out NO GODS, ONLY DAIMONS on Amazon.


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