Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Robert E. Howard Stories You May Not Have Read Yet (But Should)

While many of us here are hard at work making new material, hoping to entertain our audiences, it's worth taking a moment to look back at our predecessors. Many of us known, and love, Robert E. Howard. We've read his Conan tales, his Kull of Atlantis stories, and even his Bran Mac Morn and Solomon Kane yarns. That is not all he's done in the realm of pulp adventures, and there's a pair of books--the last two collections--that you ought to pick up and read when you can:

El Borak and Other Desert AdventuresSword Woman and Other Historical Adventures

These aren't as widely talked about as Howard's other heroes, so it's important to do the digging and read this stuff. The man's output was prolific, and his heroes--no matter the milieu--always had the same core to them that made them endearing across the generations. El Borak and Dark Agnes (the heroes on the covers) are no different. Snatch up a copy in print if you can, or if it's at your local library, because this is one reading experience that isn't quite the same in electronic format.

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  1. Sword Woman is great.

    My review of it is on the Cirsova website.