Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sword and Sorcery Short Story: The Far Side of Villainy

Hello everybody, I thought I'd let you know that my sword and sorcery short story The Far Side of Villainy is free to read at the Mighty Thor Jr. blog.

Mighty Thor Jr. is an excellent source of information and commentary about sword and sorcery, and I am proud that my story was chosen as the blog's first piece of original fiction.

The Far Side of Villainy is about a marginalized, morally bankrupt city dweller who falls in love with the powerful head of a desert harem, who is visiting the city where he lives to sell harem slaves. When her harem conspires against her, will he be able to rise to the occasion and save her life, or will he continue in his cowardly ways? Find out in this romantic, adventure-filled tale!

To read The Far Side of Villainy for free just follow this link:

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