Wednesday, January 31, 2018

#steempulp Digest: January 2018

would love too see someone make a pulprev variant of this

Our boys and girls have been hitting blockchain-based blogging platform Steemit pretty hard this month. In theory it's a smooth way to get money for good content, but in practice it's this 90s-style Wild West of bots and reposts where occasionally you get targeted by someone with a massive amount of influence and get hundreds of dollars worth of cryptocurrency. A couple of our folks have gotten big real-money payouts already, which explains the motivation, and nobody's had to put money in, just prose.

Where does this value come from? Short answer: speculation. Also some people are putting money in trying to get more influence to vote themselves more money. Maybe this will be The Coin To Beat USD, very likely it'll explode spectacularly at some point, but it's shaping up to be the biggest single repository of original pulprev fiction online.

I haven't read most of these, and I'd appreciate comments about them so I can update the summaries, also analysis about how well these reach that innefable Pulp Spirit we're chasing and how much they're just "stuff that pulprev friends write."

Open-ended series about a guy in a desert with Cortana. Also did a review of jimfear138's December short.

Faust in space.

aka Nathan Dabney
There's one where some thieves raid a vampire's house, one with a demon hunter, one with apparently a gypsy queen and a ranger. Also an article about why moderns don't do sword and sorcery good.

aka John Daker
High-concept hollow-earth story.

aka John D. Alden
Operators hunting demons, and a story about a talking tommy gun.

aka Donald Uitvlugt
There's a story about a Wild West show and some creature horror thing.

aka Kate Adams
Heian Japan-era fantasy, featuring talking animals and paper magic.

aka Alexandru Constantin
Reprint of his Storyhack short.

aka Cheah Kai Wai
Chinese noir. He's been posting links to it here, but it's the tip of the iceberg as far as steempulp goes.

aka Victor Turner
Medieval fantasy.

aka Connor Goff
Body horror with robots.

Reviewed The Dragon Masters, which you guys should seriously read.

aka Christopher Warren
Sort of like a creepypasta diary.

Misha doesn't think he's pulprev but whatever.

aka Troy Tang
He took the #steempulp tag off because of that pernicious perception that pulprev is action-packed, but we still love him. Some Victorian-style magic romance? Someone summarize it for me.

The big project for February is the Swords of St. Valentine anthology. Todd Everhart has agreed to provide cover art and I have been asked to edit, so I'll presumably have read all of those entries at least by next month. Make sure to drop in and encourage our steemboyz, maybe make your own magic money account to give them upvotes, or even play the prose lottery yourself. We'll try to keep on top of developments on that front, but let us know if we've missed anything in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for adding me to the list. I'm trying to learn and understand the platform. I wish it was better organized overall, like how reddit has subreddits.