Saturday, August 31, 2019

Dungeon Samurai Vol. 3: Seisen is live!

The final installment of the Dungeon Samurai trilogy is now live on Amazon!
Crowdfunded in March, Dungeon Samurai was my maiden attempt at creating a series from scratch and publishing it on a rapid release schedule. In the course of a month, 29 backers raised $1105 to cover publishing costs. I am extremely grateful for their help in making this series come to life.
To find out more about Dungeon Samurai Vol. 3, please see the blurb below.
The war for the dungeon reaches its climax!

A hero has fallen. The threat of famine looms over humanity. The endless hordes of monsters inhabiting the world have grown even more powerful. The human military is at the breaking point.

All hopes rest on the shoulders of Yamada Yuuki, a college student turned battle-hardened samurai. Armed with faith and steel, experimental weapons and new tactics, he must lead the way into the depths of the dungeon through swarms of horrific abominations and countless traps. But the dungeon itself is changing.

And at the bottom floor, the demon ruler of the world awaits.

The final campaign begins. A desperate, gruelling crusade to win through the dungeon and find a way home. Now is the time for Seisen.

Now is the time for holy war.
Dungeon Samurai Vol. 3: Seisen takes the high-octane samurai combat of the previous two volumes and cranks it up to eleven. It is a grim death march to the bottom of the titular dungeon to win a way home. 
Can the humans overcome supply shortages, mass casualties, and new bloodthirsty monsters? Will Yamada Yuuki find a way home? Will he even survive? Find out here!
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