Sunday, October 20, 2019

Babylon Blues Remastered Kickstarter is live!

Firefights with monsters and cultists in neon-drenched streets. Terror and technology in a world ruled by demons. Welcome to Babylon.

In 2018, I published the first entry in a five-part cyberpunk horror saga titled Babylon Blues. Follow-up stories expanded on the characters, the lore and the universe, setting the stage for a final conflict between the Black Watch and the New Gods. Even now, the final webserial in the series, Babylon Blues, is underway.

It is my great pleasure to announce that all five stories, plus a bonus sixth story, will be compiled in a single easy-to-read volume. The stories will be edited, key scenes will be worked over for greater impact, errors in canon will be cleaned up, and the prose will be remastered from start to finish.

Babylon Blues Remastered is the definitive edition of Babylon Blues. And it is live on Kickstarter!
If you've read the webserials, you'll know what to expect. Cyborgs and devils, monsters and cultists, all vying for supremacy on the streets of Nova Babylonia. Archdemons disguised as gods who rule the land with an iron fist, preying on the innocent, and wrestling with each other for supremacy. A world on the brink of madness and chaos. And in this mileu, a team of elite law enforcers, led by a warrior of extraordinary faith, must stand against the New Gods to defend the innocent.

Babylon Blues is a saga of fear, faith and firefights in neon streets and shadowy swamps. It takes the best of cyberpunk, horror, urban fantasy and thrillers, and takes them in a bold new direction. If you love Jim Butcher and John Ringo, Simon S Green and Tom Clancy, Babylon Blues is for you.

As a Kickstarter bonus, the ebooks and the paperbacks will be offered at a significant discount. Other exclusive rewards, such as the Dungeon Samurai trilogy in digital and print, a cameo appearance, and face-to-face video chats, will also be available. Once the story goes live, the prices will increase sharply.

But the campaign runs for only 30 days.

If you're looking for six stories of cyberpunk, horror and ultraviolence, pledge your faith at the Kickstarter now!

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