Monday, May 18, 2020

Singularity Sunrise is a GO!

Singularity Sunrise is 150% funded!

It's an amazing result, easily my best-performing crowdfunding campaign to date. I'm grateful for the support of my fans and readers. Together we have made the dream of the Singularity a reality.

In addition, having hit the stretch goal, I will now be able to work on the first story of my next series, The Swordbreaker Saga. This series combines the best of the cultivation and cyberpunk genres to create an IP unlike anything ever seen before.

The saga follows Li Ming, a newcomer to the world of warriors. An armed escort, he roams the Central Continent, hiring out his skills as a bodyguard, monster hunter, and bounty hunter. With his swordbreaker, he will protect the innocent and deliver justice to the wicked.

But before he became an armed escort, he was first a soldier. A sergeant in the Special Military Police, his mission was to confront the most dangerous criminals, terrorists and beasts in the Continent.

One week before the end of his term of service, Li Ming is called up for one last operation. A powerful secret society has seized control of a slum in the capital. The SMP is ordered to pacify the area and neutralise the criminals.

 It is the most dangerous mission in his career, but Li Ming is up to the task.

Or so he thinks.

DAYS OF FIRE is the explosive first chapter of Li Ming's story. All backers will receive a digital copy of DAYS OF FIRE, along with their rewards. For more details, click here.

Cultivation and cyberpunk may seem like an odd mix. But if you think hard about it, you'll find plenty of similarities.

In the world of Swordbreaker, corporations and secret societies hold immense power, while governments are ineffectual or corrupt. Power, wealth and fame are everything.

Qi cultivation divide men and the supermen. Modern technology empowers individuals to make war on the entire world. Relics from previous ages grant incredible benefits to those who know how to use them.

In this dog-eat-dog world, those blessed with wealth and connections enjoy biological immortality, while everybody else must face the Reaper. The weak are meat for the strong, and the strongest of all are the martial cultivators who stride the world like gods.

The Swordbreaker Saga takes the best of the cultivation and cyberpunk genres. Like the Covenant Chronicles, the world of Swordbreaker is a seamless blend of magic and technology, incorporating heavy elements of Chinese metaphysics, culture and philosophy. As expected from the genre, martial arts and skills will play a heavy role in the series, but there will also be gunfights and magic and tech galore. You can also expect a much deeper exploration of philosophy and ethics than modern-day so-called cultivation novels will dare.

Ultimately, the Swordbreaker Saga will be the tale of a man who will be known as Invincible Under Heaven.

I'm extremely excited to bring Singularity Sunrise, Days of Fire, and the Swordbreaker Saga to you. Please look forward to more updates.

With the completion of the crowdfunding campaign, Singularity Sunrise has now moved into InDemand. If you've missed the first round of funding, now's your chance to back the campaign. If you'd like to contribute to Singularity Sunrise now and get your copy of Days of Fire, click on this link.

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