Monday, December 7, 2020

Singularity Sunrise 3: The Digital Veil is live!


It begins as an extraction. It ends in war.

For decades, the Caliphate and Free Europe have been locked in a stalemate.

Until the coming of Eden, the world's first sapient AI.

Hired by Eden's creator, psychic contractor James Morgan and his partner Maya Knight infiltrate the Caliphate to extract a hunted journalist.

But when the extraction escalates into a continent-wide conflagration, Morgan and Knight are trapped in Europe. With no way to return home, they have only one option left: help Eden win the war.

And prevent Eden from becoming a monster.

I'm proud to announce that Book 3 of Singularity Sunrise, THE DIGITAL VEIL, is live!

This story is the big war book. Spanning the length and breadth of a continent, the Lithsmen are called to war. In a conflict fought by hunter-killer drones, hypersonic railguns and computer algorithms, is there still a place for humans? How far can a man go to fight a war he never wanted for a nation he doesn't love? And will the logic of war drive a machine intelligence into carrying out the unthinkable?

Find out on The Digital Veil here!

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