Sunday, February 21, 2021

Singularity Sunrise 4: American Heirs is live!


The Dream of the Singularity is Under Fire!

Exhausted by war, James Morgan has retreated to Japan. But when Eden, the world’s first sapient artificial intelligence, is threatened by unknown assailants, he reluctantly returns to service.

Across the former United States, an unholy alliance of hackers, terrorists and mercenaries strike relentlessly at Eden’s infrastructure, reputation and protectors. From the floating city of Ark Pacific to the scorching desert of Texas and a New York City crushed in the iron grip of tyranny, Morgan and his team must race across the continent to unravel the conspiracy at its source.

But behind the conspiracy is a power that rivals even Eden...


The 4th entry in Singularity Sunrise is live on Amazon!

Not only that, the final book, THE SINGULARITY WAR, is also available for preorder on Amazon!

Thank you for your support, and please look forward to my next series when it is ready!

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