Sunday, February 14, 2021

The Singularity War Cover Reveal!

The cover of the final instalment of Singularity Sunrise, THE SINGULARITY WAR, is ready!

Eden, the ghost that inhabits a decentralized supercomputer network, must grapple with Zhi Zun, the machine intelligence that rules China with an iron fist. At stake is the future of humanity: a future of unimaginable change, or a future of eternal oppression by cold algorithms. But in this war between machine superintelligences, is there a place for the human soul?

THE SINGULARITY WAR will go out to all backers 2 weeks ahead of the market. Expect it to hit the shelves in early March.

After the publication of this book, I will focus my energies on completing my existing books and series. I will also refresh the covers of Singularity Sunrise in line with this new art direction, and prepare box sets for my published series.

Thanks for supporting my work, and please look forward to my future books.

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