Saturday, November 6, 2021

Babylon Red is Live!


The New Gods have won.

Or so they thought.

Dark gods and horrific monsters wage a shadow war to dominate the planet. Only the Special Tasks Section could keep them from tearing the world apart. And now, they have been disbanded.

But for the disgraced operators of Team Black Watch, the mission continues.

The odds are stacked against them. The authorities will not protect them. Their resources are limited. The New Gods have fresh horrors waiting for them.

Worst of all, team leader Yuri Yamamoto, Christian mystic and street samurai, the only man who can stand fast against the soul-crushing powers of the New Gods, is in exile.

Driven underground, the men of Team Black Watch do what they can to keep the horrors at bay. But when the New Gods launch a fresh offensive, it falls to team sniper Kayla Fox to rally them.

With their ace gone, Team Black Watch must find a way to resist the overwhelming power of the New Gods.

All of humanity depends on it.

Babylon Red collects five hard-hitting cyberpunk horror stories, detailing a guerilla campaign against the dark rulers of the world. Originally published as webserials, these stories have been remastered and compiled in a single volume, along with a bonus never-before-published novel.

Welcome back to Nova Babylonia. Hold on to your soul. You're going to need it.


At long last, BABYLON RED is live on Amazon!

I'm grateful for all the support I've received concerning the saga of Babylon Red. The sequel, BABYLON BLACK, is halfway done. Please keep an eye out for it when it drops!

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