Monday, September 26, 2022

Spear of the Night is live!

 It was supposed to be Li Ming’s last job before the New Year: protect a corporate prince during a business trip in the Yue Homelands.

Then the infamous terrorist Night Spear strikes.

Wounded and outraged, the rulers of the world issue their decree: Night Spear must die, and Li Ming and his comrades in Dayong will carry out their sentence.

Li Ming finds himself out of his depth. Biaohang are protectors, not spies or assassins. The authorities are sabotaging their efforts. Night Spear's allies move in the shadows. And as a terrible winter grips the land, Li Ming and his allies must grapple with an unthinkable question:

How do you kill a cultivator who wields immeasurable power?

Find out in Book 3 of Saga of the Swordbreaker: Spear of the Night!

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