Monday, November 14, 2022


In a quiet neighbourhood in Singapore, a body is found inside a locked apartment.

Tasked with identifying the deceased, Inspector Ibrahim has his work cut out for him. With no identity documents at the scene, and no neighbours who remember the resident, his only clue is a set of diaries written in English, Malay and Arabic.

Partnering with Station Inspector Jafri, Ibrahim translates the diaries. They discover the story of a bomoh, a traditional Malay shaman. It is a story of sorcery and occultism, vice and sin, madness and damnation.

But the diaries won't give up their secrets so easily. A terrible evil lurks within their pages.

And now, it is awake.


Written in the vein of The Picture of Dorian Gray, DIARY OF A BOMOH is an unflinching dive into the heart of sin. It reveals, step by step, the slow self-destruction of a man who has chosen the path of black magic and blasphemy—and the quiet courage of ordinary people who come face to face with extraordinary evil.

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