Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Welcome Back to Babylon


Yuri Yamamoto is back.

After two years of self-imposed exile, the disgraced operator turned street samurai has come home to Babylon.

Just in time for the country to tear itself apart.

The armies of the New Gods are on the march. Monsters in human skin await activation orders. Spies and deniable operatives wage a war of assassins. Minority communities are forced to choose sides—or be destroyed. With every act of aggression, the New Gods bring mankind closer to ruin.

As the world races towards the apocalypse, what can Yuri and his team of battle-hardened guerillas do?

Team Black Watch can’t fight the New Gods head-on. Even with Yuri's divine gift, their numbers are few and their resources scarce. They must make new allies, carve out safe havens, turn their enemies against each other, and attempt to stave off the inevitable.

They can’t save the world.

But they’re going to try.

Babylon Blues introduced the New Gods, seven factions of cosmic and man-made horrors, and the elite operators of the Special Tasks Section who oppose them. Babylon Red showed the aftermath of the conflict between them, and the guerilla war that followed. In Babylon Black, the New Gods bring the world to the brink of ruin.

And this time, there is no STS to save the day.

This is the part where I’m supposed to say that it falls to Team Black Watch to prevent the apocalypse. That’s how every technothriller series is supposed to conclude.

Not this time.

The New Gods are terrible beyond human comprehension. Their armies are endless. Together they control the wealth and resources of the world. How can six former operators to defeat them all?

Other science fiction stories will twist themselves in knots to find a solution. A last-minute rebellion, some secret superweapon, a deus ex machina that will suddenly bring the New Gods to their knees and spare the innocent.

Babylon is a cyberpunk horror series. Worse, it is written by yours truly. It’s not going to end like that. There is no room for the impossible here.

The end of the world is coming. All it takes is a spark to burn Babylon to ashes. Yuri Yamamoto and his team can't stamp out every fire. The only thing they can do is to hold off Armageddon enough to save everyone they can.

This is their new mission now. And they will see it through—all the way to the bitter end.

BABYLON BLACK, the third instalment of the Babylon cyberpunk action horror series, is now available on IndieGoGo! Check it out here!

As with my previous crowdfunding campaigns, this is a preorder campaign. The cover is ready. The manuscript is complete. Formatting is on the way. There is no risk of non-delivery. The book will be delivered.

For long-time fans of the series, Babylon Black is everything you’ve come to expect from the series. High-tech meets eldritch horror, faith and firefights in neon-lit nights, martial arts and mayhem. Newcomers could enjoy the story by itself, but to better understand where everyone is coming from, it’s best to read the first two entries in the series. Fortunately, you can purchase them as a bundle in the IGG campaign.

The New Gods howl for blood. By day, their evangelists drag unwitting souls into damnation; by night, their soldiers wage shadow wars. Full-blown warfare is lurking around the corner. The storm cannot be stopped—but there is still time to get to shelter.

Back Babylon Black on IndieGoGo here!

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